CBW`s manufacturing hardware for special chemicals is designed for multi-hundred tons production scale per product.

Our Production Centre 2 enables multistep synthesis of a broad range of special chemicals in multi-tons scale, non-GMP, with a total reactor volume of 95 m³.

  • all main reactors glass-lined or stainless steel
  • various nutsch filters and dryers, further solid/liquid separation technology
  • dosage stations for pressurised gases
  • two separate sections to savely avoid cross contamination
  • drum/big bag packaging, road tanker loading stations, isotainer handling
  • integrated process control
  • broad set of permits

Our Gas/Liquid Buss Loop Reactor - integrated in the main plant - has been designed for flexible use in a custom manufacturing environment.

  • advanced Buss Loop Reactor Technology, for any gas phase reactions with non-corrosive gases
  • connected to separation/drying equipment of main plant
  • catalyst dosage sections, catalyst filtration systems
  • process control systems for operating and monitoring highly exothermic reactions

With our Production Centre 5 CBW also offers a flexible unit with a Gas/Liquid Jet Loop Reactor.

  • equipment for production of phosphites / phosphonates
  • numerous reaction types under inert conditions with ethylene oxide
  • jet-reactor, with phoshorpentoxid dosing system
  • intrinsically safe, fully EX-proofed
  • off-gas stripping column, also suitable for low-molecular weight compounds
  • process control systems for monitoring and operations

We are happy to provide more details upon request.